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Getting To Know Mayer Lil and Her Risky Exclusive Content

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Getting To Know Mayer Lil and Her Risky Exclusive Content

The collaboration between amazing, curvy YouTuber Mayer Lil and Shore Thang began in Rome, Italy, in the fall of 2019.

A photo shoot was set up at an Airbnb in Rome after negotiating an agreement that would give Mayer Lil a shot at becoming the next big Shore Thang model.

Shore Thang owner Zachary Elliot missed an overnight flight to Rome, which delayed and nearly ruined the entire trip. Connecting flights at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris often experience delays.

Mayer Lil Italian YouTuber

Mayer Lil was one of the few famous beauties to work with Shore Thang, who already was established on her own before their collaboration. Mayer Lil does a spectacular job at creating YouTube videos that regularly go viral. Occasionally they are so provocative that they also get taken down for community standards violations.

With the help of a friendly Italian translator — wink — an agreement was made and a new business venture between Mayer Lil and Shore Thang was undertaken.

A lot of the content that did well for Mayer Lil, and Shore Thang started as a behind the scenes video, shot on a Go-Pro which was later posted on YouTube.

WATCH: Mayer Lil Behind the Scenes in Rome Italy

Mayer Lil is curvy and beautiful in the way that many Shore Thang models look like, so she fit right into the early company culture.

Mayer Lil also has a distinctly European aesthetic — confident being naked — which made her stand out in her own right.

GoPro video from a Mayer Lil Photo shoot in Rome, Italy

Mayer Lil Photo shoot in Rome, Italy

Mayer Lil behind the scenes in Rome, Italy

Although the content on the website that Shore Thang created and ran, was not as successful as the content Mayer Lil made on her own, it was still extremely provocative, yet in good taste, which is Mayer Lil‘s unique style.

Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions from COVID-19 a second collaboration was not possible. That said, Mayer Lil remains another of the extraordinary beauties that Shore Thang was lucky enough to collaborate with.

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