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Is Grace Taylor The Most Beautiful Shore Thang Model? Let’s Investigate

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Is Grace Taylor The Most Beautiful Shore Thang Model? Let’s Investigate

At six feet tall, Grace Taylor is most definitely the tallest model at Shore Thang

The owner of Shore Thang is known to play favorites, and after many years of lots of drama, it’s possible possible that Grace Taylor has emerged as the most beautiful sure thing model.

Although there have been many famous models who have emerged after being discovered by Shore Thang, Grace Taylor is a sleeper beauty who only made a relatively small amount of exclusive content.

Grace Taylor modeling for Shore Thang

That said, her huge natural boobs, curvy hips, and absolutely stunning facial structure, all place her head and shoulders above many of the other Shore Thang beauties. That’s a bit of a dad joke, as Grace is also extremely tall, much taller than any other model in the company.

Although models like Ellie The Empress and Brielle Pace are also very booby and very booty centric, Grace Taylor brings it all together in a way that seems to flow as opposed to standing out freakishly.

Grace Taylor is also adventurous and loves to ride horseback. Many of the Beauties at Shore Thang are simply known for their social media presence. Grace Taylor seems to have a vibrant and active private life, that is less concerned with social media fame and more concerned with the pursuit of personal passion.

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Beauty is such a fleeting quality, and it’s impossible to genuinely pick one person above another. The idea from Jerry Seinfeld‘s standup routine of the absurdity of a beauty contest spring to mine. That said, Grace Taylor does seem to have something extraordinary and unique.

Like many models working with Shore Thang, Grace Taylor started doing Quarantine Selfies when she was only 18 years old. She has contributed content to Shore Thang via her exclusive content website, for several years now.

Although Grace Taylor isn’t as involved as many of the other models in her YouTube channel, TikTok, or Instagram, has a unique quality to her that makes admiring her very easy.

In short, perhaps Grace Taylor is the prettiest, but I guess it all comes down to a matter of opinion.

Shore Thang is an international model management company.

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