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Getting to Know Grace Taylor, a statuesque Latina beauty with incredible curves

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Getting to Know Grace Taylor, a statuesque Latina beauty with incredible curves

Model Grace Taylor’s “quarantine selfies” provided a confidential, behind the scenes look during a very trying time for the world. Grace has been featured on @Shorethangx “best of the beautiful,” as she is currently Shore Thang’s favorite model. Her warm, open and engaging personality makes her very relatable and loved by her fans.

ShoreThang model Grace Taylor hails from Michigan and is an accomplished horse rider and horse back riding instructor.

race has a multifaceted talent and she is a kinetic force, with her incredible beauty. Her original instagram reel titled “When you get your Malibu Barbie moment,” plays like a highlight reel of her original content, which is exclusively featured on ShoreThangx. She appears in ShoreThangx 2024 instagram highlight reel and is featured on Shorethangx top five models. Grace Taylor looks resplendent in one of her latest profiles for Shore Thang, a black and white photo, where she rides her beautiful stallion along the sea shore. Wearing a white dress, like the moon goddess Diana the huntress, as she rides on her stead. As she rides into the hunt.

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Grace, who is six feet tall with long legs and incredible, natural curves, and sports a DD cup bossom as well as a rounded derrière, looks every bit like a goddess. Model Grace Taylor’s voluptuous figure is highlighted in her fashion try on hauls with the hashtag #plussizefashion, as her extraordinary curves suggest. Grace’s figure is like that of a supermodel during the supermodel era, when super models “Claudia Schaffer” and “Cindy Crawford” walked the runways.

She is fit and toned, with perfect abs. Grace is a role model of body positivity, as she embraces her natural curves. Her foray into modeling began when she started creating content across social media platforms. Although Grace does not post that often, as she is guarded of her personal life, when she does, it is authentic and relatable. In the fickle world of modeling, where models come and go, beautiful Grace has staying power. As insanely gorgeous as Grace Taylor is, she also has a down to earth and sweet personality, that so many of her fans find appealing. She remains grounded, prioritizing her privacy and private life. Grace Taylor is a natural beauty who grew up in the countryside side, surrounded by nature and animals where she developed her love of horses. This love of horses has turned into a life long passion. Multitalented Grace Taylor is on instagram as @grace_taylor_xoxo

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Grace Taylor is a stunning natural beauty

Top eleven things to love about model Grace Taylor

Number one is that she is an equestrian. Grace Taylor, who is a horse enthusiast, rides horse back and is a skilled horse back riding instructor. Growing up around horse stables, Grace developed a love for horses and soon turned that into the skill of horse back riding. She further refined that skill into that of riding instructor.

Number two is her incredible natural beauty. Grace has big expressive eyes framed by a double set of long lashes, high cheekbones, full lips and luminous skin. Her face is framed by long, lush chestnut hair which is reminiscent of a young “Cindy Crawford.”

Number three is her naturally voluptuous body with DD sized bust and curvy hips and a rounded derrière. Grace Taylor is also tall and long limbed, standing at six feet tall with legs that go on for days.

Number four is that Grace Taylor is a model. Grace is a beautiful versatile model with a tremendous figure. She models swimsuits and lingerie in original content that is organic and not curated.

Number five is that Grace is an American model of Latin heritage. Possessing beautiful Latina looks, Grace is a natural beauty.

Number six is that she is an animal lover. As demonstrated by her love of horses and her pet dog Koda, whom she loves. Grace is very passionate about animals.

Number seven is her authentic and sweet personality, which her fans find to be very engaging.

Number eight is that she is a featured model of Shore Thang Models, an can arguably be called it’s most beautiful current favorite model.

Number nine which really does not need to be said, is her natural DD cup breasts. It is like stating the obvious but bears mentioning.

Number ten is her beautiful long legs. Grace Taylor is six feet tall and long limbed, with incredible legs and naturally curvy hips.

Number eleven is that she really has the bounce. Owing to her bodacious natural curves, Grace Taylor literally has “bounce,” whether she is dancing and twerking in her featured instagram reels or posing for ShoreThangx featured, original content.

Beautiful and multifaceted Grace Taylor is one to watch, as she creates original , organic  content and grows her social media following. Grace Taylor’s current instagram story features her modeling in a white curtain string thong bikini bottom sans top and au natural, looking beautiful as always.

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