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Let’s Meet Mila Santos, a Latina Curve Model With a Unique Sense of Style

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Let’s Meet Mila Santos, a Latina Curve Model With a Unique Sense of Style

Mila Santos is a tastemaker

Mila Santos modeling lingerie

Mila Santos modeling lingerie

Brazilian model, actress and singer Mila Santos creates baked treats in her cooking videos on instagram. In a recent video on instagram, Mila bakes Brigadeiros, her favorite Brazilian treat, to the delight of her fans.

The recipe is included in her step by step cooking instructions. Included with the videos of Mila Santos baking oatmeal raisin cookies and banana bread, are detailed recipes.

Mila creates recipes for each dish that she cooks. Mila loves martinis and is often featured drinking one in her instagram posts. Mila shares how she styles her hair by herself in a GRWM , video of her preparing for a photo shoot, using the hairstyling tools and hair care products, that she features on her Amazon wishlist and storefront. Mila also shares a step by step makeup application video, in her get ready with me video, as she prepares to go out for a casting call. She shares the specific makeup products that she uses to get the perfect, flushed, rosy cheek glow for her photo shoot. Her skin is flawless thanks to the products that she uses in her skincare regimen, that she shares in her Amazon wishlist storefront.

Mila Santos maintains her figure through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The range of supplements that she uses to support her lifestyle are available in her Amazon storefront. There you can also find her dog Lolita’s favorites as well.Model Mila Santos models art by Los Angeles artist Nusi Quero in a an anime Barbie costume, which showcases her range as a model and actress. She also models bikinis on her instagram posts from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Mila possesses a multifaceted talent that encompasses singing, acting and modeling. Mila’s instagram bio contains a link to her IMDb, which features her acting projects. Most recently Mila has appeared in the TV series “Bug’s House” where she plays the role of Mila Nantucket.

She is an actress who is working on a range of new projects, such as exclusive content on Playboy as part of the Playboy club. Mila also offer exclusive content where she has featured content that is accessible with different membership that features spicier content.

Mila’s exclusive modeling content is featured across many platforms where her followers can subscribe for more content.

Mila Santos Exclusive Content

Mila’s recent endeavors include modeling exclusive content for Playboy. Mila Santos who is a singer, influencer, actress and model can now add posing for Playboy to her list of achievements. The link in her Instagram bio, takes followers to her Playboy club content.

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Fans can join the Playboy club for exclusive and premium access to her debut modeling. Mila also creates exclusive content on her exclusive content website, where she goes by the name of Mila baby, @milababy69. Mila Santos, new exclusive content, has already gained thousands of followers for the exclusive content that she posts.

Mila has created an impressive amount of content for her exclusive content website, with hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures, that have high engagement numbers from her fans.

The numbers don’t lie, her content on her exclusive content website has garnered over five hundred thousand impressions. Mila offers different levels of access to her content on OnlyFans, both free content and exclusive membership, available by subscribing.

The link to her her exclusive content website bio contains a link to her Amazon wishlist, where fans can choose from a collection curated by Mila, to gift her. The wishlist on her exclusive content website contains a tasteful selection of gifts, for Mila. Tom Ford perfume, Diptyque candles, Charlotte Tilbury makeup, Balenciaga sunglasses and a coffee-book about Herlmut Lang’s photography, are just some of the gifts selected by Mila Santos.

Subscribe to Mila on her website for exclusive content of the spicy variety. Mila posts a sneak preview on Instagram, from new project that she is working on. The film is from filmmaker Gianluigi Carella with an upcoming release date. She tells followers to stay tuned for the release.

Mila creates content as she travels around the world to beautiful destinations as she post bikini and travel pics.

One of her noteworthy travels is that of a recent trip that she made to Cairo, Egypt. Mila posts beautiful pics from the pyramids of Giza taken on her Egypt trip. Then it is on to Paris, France and Mont Saint-Michel.  Next up, Mila Santos posts beautiful pics of herself from the beaches of Dubrovnik, Croatia and the Amalfi coast of Italy, posing in bikinis by Monday Swimwear. Mila also models lingerie from in the beautiful decor of her home.

Mila’s home, which reflects her own personal style,  decorated in neutral and earthen tones, with accessories available on her Amazon store front. As requested by her followers, Mila’s new and featured instagram stories contain the link to the updated home decor and accessories section of her Amazon store front.

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Mila Santos behind the scenes

Mila Santos has unique taste

Model, influencer, singer and aspiring actress Mila Santos, in the pursuit of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, reps sustainable, ethical and eco friendly brands. In her recent instagram posts, she models clothes from Pieces of Porcelain, which offers sustainable, made to order designs that are handmade in Los Angeles. Mila frequently travels to her Native Brazil , whose culture is an integral part of who she is as she models from its pristine ecology and natural wonders.

Her personal space reflects this commitment to a natural and healthy beauty as evidenced by the stunning natural themed decor of her home. Her home is decorated in beautiful neutral tones that she is a fan of. Mila Santos’ creativity extends to decorating, as she shares the decor of her home with featured posts on her instagram stories. Mila responds to her followers requests for the specific decor and accessories that she uses to decorate her home, with links to her Amazon storefront, where her fans can purchase the said pieces. Her followers can also find unique gift ideas among Mila’s curated decor choices, from her Amazon wishlist.

From the beaches of Malibu California to the beaches of Hawaii and Croatia, Mila posts stunning pics of nature, which she pursues in the natural lifestyle that she leads. From her post of  Medano beach, in Cabo San Lucas she writes “The world is so pretty can we please keep it that way” as she advocates for sustainability and the environment.  Her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, and to preserving the environment, is evident in the brands that she chooses to rep. A scroll through her Amazon storefront and wishlist contains products that further display that commitment. Mila reps sustainable, ethical and eco friendly brands that she herself uses.

Mila Santos models sustainable and ethical fashion brands on her instagram that she collaborates with and tags. Mila Santos’ glowing, natural beauty and aesthetic, is what makes her a great model. Her beloved pooch, Lolita appears with Mila Santos  in many of her instagram posts, as she is an avid, animal  lover. Lolita even has her own category Lolita’s favorites on Mila’s Amazon store front, where followers can choose presents for their pets, from her curated gift selections. Mila Santos is also an artist, as her drawings are frequently posted on Instagram. Mila is also a musical artist and talented, singer and songwriter. She co wrote her new single “Both,” which is currently streaming on Spotify.

Mila Santos is a Brazilian-American model

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